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Increase feed rates and machining speed by remanufacturing your machine’s head technology. We propose customized solutions to increase your productivity, enabling you to remain competitive in a demanding industry.


As technology advances, so does your machine’s potential. With our remanufacturing services you can take advantage of the latest developments to boost your productivity.

Fives remanufacturing services offers an economical option to replacing or purchasing new machinery. Our rebuilding program includes complete rewiring of the machine and the integration of a new modern CNC/PLC control system. During the remanufacturing process we will:

  • Redesign/remanufacture inferior mechanical components
  • Replace existing bearings & seals
  • Regrind & requalify bed ways
  • Rewire machine devices

Remanufacture is the solution that offers the best value for customers who own very large, complex or specialty machines. During the remanufacture process, we take advantage of technologies not available at the time the machine was originally built. The remanufacture process can involve converting a manual machine to full CNC operation or an older CNC or NC operated machine with antiquated controls and mechanical technology. Performing a complete remanufacture of your existing machine will allow you to achieve positioning and geometrical tolerances currently being held on newer machines. Additionally, it can increase axes feeds and speeds which increase throughput and productivity.

We work with customers on a case-by-case basis. Beginning with an analysis of current production parameters, tools, speeds and challenges, we then propose an engineering solution that will speed up production. In addition, if you have other targets –e.g. to reduce downtime –we can work to those as well.

Head technology

Remanufacturing your mechanical head to a head with a spindle can upgrade your productivity by as much as 40%. Increasing the speed from 10 000 rpm to 12 000 or even 14 000 rpm enables you to meet those throughput goals while maintaining or even improving part quality.

We can also enhance performance by retrofitting a range of milling heads to our horizontal boring mills, vertical machining centres and gantry machines. We can customize the design according to your needs, adding multiple attachments and effectors for rapid head change. This gives you the broadest possible choice of machining, helping you get more from your equipment.

Modernisations and productivity enhancements

We can undertake a full range of remanufacturing projects, including:

  • Gearbox upgrade
  • Rack change