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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables us to capture and observe the health and utilization of your machine tools in real time. Now, we can quickly identify faults and inefficiencies, helping you optimize production with minimum downtime.

Remote monitoring for quick troubleshooting

Remote monitoring services give us a direct connection to your machines -and the data we need to help you improve performance. With a direct connection to your machine’s operational dashboards, our technicians can remotely access critical information about your production process, in real time. This level of insight means they can expedite their technical understanding and offer more-informed assistance. This keeps your troubleshooting costs and production downtime to a minimum. Remote monitoring enables us to:

  • Record the utilization of your machine
  • View OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Collect data in real time
  • Access reports online

Next-generation machine connectivity with Fives CortX Alchemy

Fives CortX Alchemy is our innovative remote production monitoring solution that places data at the core of your process. This next-generation technology will help you optimize your production efficiency through useful, real-time reporting tools.Through our CortX Alchemy platform, we connect to your machine tools to capture key operational data. Insight from CortX Alchemy helps you make smart decisions regarding your production process. It enables you to identify bottlenecks and see the availability of your machine tools. It also helps you to benchmark the performance of different production lines and locations. These real-time, actionable insights support optimized production efficiency and enhanced business growth.