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Machine Calibration & Certification

Quality assurance

Maintain the tight machining tolerances your customers expect with our Machine Calibration and Certification service. We will requalify your machine to its original factory specifications, helping you reduce maintenance costs, increase performance and win more contracts.

What is machine calibration and certification?

Over time, through wear and use, your machine will drift from its original manufacturer’s specifications. For high-precision machining applications, even the smallest discrepancies can make a big difference to production quality. That’s why we offer a specialized Machine Calibration and Certification service. We calibrate point-to-point positioning and provide the documentation to certify your machine meets OEM specifications, enabling you to provide the quality assurance your customers need.

Improving results, reducing costs

Regular Machine Calibration and Certification brings down your cost per part by optimizing the production process and reducing maintenance needs. By bringing the machine back to its original specifications, you also achieve the best possible part quality – keeping your customers happy. Less maintenance also means increased equipment availability, enabling you to maximize productivity. In short, an optimized machine will increase your opportunities to win contracts.

Machine Calibration and Certification can be purchased separately or with any other Preventive Maintenance plan. We equip our highly-trained service technicians with the latest technology and precision tooling to fully certify your machine.

What is included in machine calibration and certification?

The Machine Calibration and Certification service includes the following (as it applies to your machine):

  • Electronic leveling of the machine
  • Pallet parallel to coupling pitch line checkSpindle run-out check
  • Rock, skew, and squareness check and correction
  • Spindle tram check and correction
  • B-axis positioning check (and compensation for infinite tables)
  • A-axis positioning check (and compensation if applicable)
  • X, Y and Z-axis positioning checks and compensation
  • Ball bar test
  • Complete documentation and review meeting
  • Backup compensation table disk