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The 21st Century has seen dramatic performance gains in many industrial applications. And we have been at the cutting-edge of these advances. Evolve your business with our comprehensive ecosystem of smart automation upgrades. For a safer, more secure and more productive manufacturing process.

Advanced automation from the machine-tool experts

Our smart automation retrofits bring together two of our core competencies as both a high precision machine-tools OEM and industrial automation pioneer. Backed by more than a century in the precision machine-tools business, our solutions don’t just help increase productivity. They make a measurable difference to part quality and safety, too. Our automation experts will work with you to understand your specific application needs and process flows. This ensures the robotics are designed to meet the needs of your assembly line, fully-integrating with your existing process for maximum benefit.

Cell system retrofits

Our automated cell systems target labour-intensive but repetitive tasks within the production unit. By eliminating manual interventions, automation improves the safety, reliability and accuracy of these processes. The result is shorter cycle times, increased volume and lower costs per part.

Enhance parts flow with robotics

Delivered from design to system implementation, our high-performance, flexible robotic systems do the hard work of automation. Our robots facilitate the optimum flow of parts through existing assembly lines via automatic parts loading/unloading and tool changeover. We also offer robotic parts control stations and gantry robots for transport of heavyweight pieces through the assembly line.

Gain cutting-edge benefits on existing machines

Our automation upgrades offer advantages that are only going to become more important for business success:

  • Achieve operational excellence with an optimized manufacturing process featuring lower cycle times, more reliable and accurate processes.
  • Improve worker wellbeing with fewer repetitive tasks and machine interactions
  • Keep customers happy with fast and reliable lead times
  • Raise financial performance through lower costs per piece and increased production capacity
  • Create the foundation for business growth