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CortX Alchemy

End-to-end software platform for data enhancement

A customized portal to data capture and analysis

CortX Alchemy is Fives’ robust and flexible software platform that serves as a portal to all of our solutions. Built to be user-friendly, it incorporates data collection, visualization capabilities and predictive modeling to offer an augmented dashboard experience for monitoring industrial clients’ machinery. Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted to all products across each industry in which our clients work to offer a truly customized experience.

A tailored, flexible fit

In line with the mission of Fives to provide tailored solutions, our CortX Alchemy platform is designed for customization. We work with each client to create a complete data collection, monitoring, analysis and visualization system that focuses on their specific needs.

CortX Alchemy is structured around a set of building blocks, to which we can add custom algorithms and templates to create an augmented dashboard experience. It is designed so that all levels and departments within an organization can use it to pull analysis that is relevant to them. From maintenance operators on the factory floor to the sales department to top-level management, CortX Alchemy provides pertinent, real-time data and predictive modeling.

An optimized, user-friendly interface

A digital platform is only as good as its front-facing display. CortX Alchemy’s dashboard is its greatest strength, easy to navigate from a system’s general overview to more specific machine elements and possible areas of concern. It contains a web-based, responsive interface that make it easy to access data, regardless of what kind of device is being used to access the dashboard. 

Utilizing the most efficient database systems to ensure real-time reporting, CortX Alchemy has the built-in capacity to retain a deep history of information. With machine learning capability and the most advanced data mining techniques, the platform highlights the most important system processes to develop predictive models.

Prioritizing cybersecurity

Security remains an utmost concern of any business. Our clients have trust in us that we will keep their data safe and secure. CortX Alchemy is fully adaptable, so systems can run locally—off the cloud—when required. We put in the necessary security measures to guarantee resistance from outside intrusions, as well as tolerance for communication outages.

CortX Alchemy offers a state-of-the-art, secure data lake, qualified data and encrypted communications. Most importantly, we continually upgrade and adapt our system with the latest security technology to ensure peace of mind.

To strengthen our system security, we have integrated WALLIX Inside in our flexible and easy-to-implement acquisition system. Partnering with European cybersecurity software expert WALLIX, Fives can offer clients an increased level of data transfer security from their connected machines to our Gateway IoT solution.

Combining human expertise with innovative systems

Backing our cutting-edge CortX Alchemy dashboard technology, our team of data science experts accompany our clients along their entire value chain. We pride ourselves on our ability to build solutions alongside our clients, helping them meet all challenges. Placing data at the core of industrial management, we facilitate operational excellence every day by continually improving our product offer.