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Harnessing digital twins to galvanize coils

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Approached by the steel industry to co-develop a galvanizing line control model, Fives deployed its expertise in digital twins.

Not everything that claims to be a digital twin really is one... Unlike a conventional simulation model, a digital twin interacts in real time with the physical data it is sent by production facilities: enriched by a machine learning layer, the digital twin constantly improves, enhances its mathematical model based on the actual data it receives, and in turn adapts and optimizes the production parameters and processes of the industrial lines it oversees and controls.

"Sensors connected to new process management strategies, predictive models, real-time data acquisition and syncing, and automatic line management have now become essential tools in 3rd generation steelmaking," says Jean-Paul Nauzin, Vice-President Marketing & Technology of Fives' Steel business line.

The scalability and real-world connectivity of digital twins are particularly sought-after for steels with complex manufacturing processes (which require specific heat cycles), in order to manage and reduce the transitions between product types more effectively.

 Thanks to this NeoKoil® SmartLine expertise, a solution which uses the virtual world to enhance real world outcomes, Fives is able to:

  • Improve productivity;
  • Customize the coating of each coil depending on its characteristics and the desired result;
  • Improve the quality level as a result;
  • Cut consumption of energy and raw materials.

The results:
 + 50% yield stress, + 66% breaking strength and + 85% elongation


With this digital twin offering, Fives is offering its customers a solution for coating each coil in a unique way that is perfectly aligned with the intended result.