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Gateway: to collect data securely

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The 4th industrial revolution we are living through centers on connected objects: today, more and more industrial devices and robots, warehouses and factories are interconnected and connected to central information systems. 
As industrial hyper-connectivity becomes the norm, two worlds combine, that of industrial networks and that of computer networks. Sending a computer virus or taking remote control of facilities can have harmful and, in some cases, dramatic consequences for output, production facilities and potentially the teams that work there.  

Fives very quickly grasped these new cybersecurity issues, which it incorporates into the design of digital projects and connected factories for its customers. With one objective in mind: ensuring maximum security throughout the data acquisition chain and rendering it rich, refined and relevant.


Nothing gets past, except data

Fives CortX (the Fives subsidiary focusing on AI and predictive maintenance activities) teams have developed a connector kit designed to interconnect all operational devices in an ultra-secure way. In addition as well as being highly practical and easy to use, it adapts to all IT setups that manufacturers might use.   

As a result, all digital monitoring and ongoing maintenance solutions offered and deployed by Fives now feature this new revolutionary little purple box in two ways: industrial and digital.