Safety, a driver for operational excellence

Safety is at the heart of Fives' corporate responsibility. It is also a key lever for the Group's operational excellence, projects, industrial sites and any of its activities.

The Group has set up a dedicated organization structure  to closely monitor its Safety performance at it c. 90 locations and for all its projects worldwide :

  • Each entity (plant, site, subsidiary...) is responsible for the safety of the people under its supervision
  • One Safety coordinator is identified for each business
  • A team of internal Group auditors, composed of Fives safety coordinators, is involved in cross-audits between Companies
  • A Group team is in charge of setting the common rules, sharing experiences, helping each Company in the implementation of its safety management system, and monitoring the accidents rates.

After several years of development of tools and consolidation of safety practices, Fives has entered a new phase to give a real boost to the Group's safety culture.

Environmentally conscious activities

Fives is committed to delivering energy-efficient products and technologies with a low-environmental impact to its customers.

The Group is equally committed to controlling and reducing its environmental impact when managing its own operations. Even if Fives' industrial sites are mostly assembly sites and shops and have a limited impact on the environment, specific programs which focus on energy consumption, wastes, transportation and water consumption have been developed. 

One of the Group's major targets is to obtain the ISO 14001 certification for all of its industrial sites.

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