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Protecting the health and safety of all employees is at the heart of Fives’ Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
It is aimed at all employees, temporary workers and subcontractors worldwide and is structured around three main principles:

  • Reinforcing each individual’s commitment to health and safety;
  • Preventing and controlling risks at Fives’ and its clients’ sites;
  • Sharing feedback and promoting best practices.

And each of the actions implemented by the Group contributes to Fives’ operational excellence.

Accident reduction targets for end 2020

A strong culture of safety


Over the past ten years, Fives has successfully reduced the number of lost-time workplace accidents by a factor of three by developing a strong culture of safety. The implementation of a responsible policy by developing a culture of anticipating and preventing risks with the development of tools and sharing of best practices, strengthen the culture of safety at Fives a little bit more every day.

The Group's aim is to significantly and permanently reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents suffered by Fives’ employees and temporary workers, as well as its sub-contractors. Four-yearly targets are set by Fives to challenge the safety performance levels of its companies; they are in the process of being defined for the next 2025 deadline to reflect the Group's strong ambitions.

A safety-centric organization


To reach these targets, we need to make individual and collective commitments. Managers and management teams have a key role to play to strengthen the culture of safety in the Group’s subsidiaries on a daily basis. This organization is based on Health and Safety actions led by the Group to:

  • publish common best practices and guides
  • organize internal training for the Health and Safety community and management teams;
  • drive communication initiatives on the Group's safety performance and with feedback on severe and potentially severe accidents;
  • define a program of cross audits at Fives and customer sites;
  • support each subsidiary in clarifying its priorities, setting up tools and monitoring improvement action plans.


10 Golden Rules
a common set of safety rules
to better control
the risk of accidents


The purpose of the Golden Rules of Safety established by the Group is to enable everyone to better identify and control the risks.

The Group’s 10 Golden Rules of Safety identify the 10 main risks that can cause accidents at Fives.

These 10 Golden Rules are deployed throughout the Group, and by subcontractors under Fives’ responsibility. Each subsidiary is also encouraged to develop its own awareness and communication initiatives and actions to ensure optimum local deployment.

The group safety 10 golden rules

A special day
in the Group’s culture of safety


Every year, Fives takes advantage of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work to unite the Group’s subsidiaries around these topics. It is an opportunity for the Group’s companies to organize a range of activities, from awarding prizes to particularly standout projects to group visits to workshops, practical exercises, the launch of new prevention and whistleblowing materials and tools, internal competitions, escape games, road safety awareness sessions, stress management and well-being...