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Fives Celebrates the Grand Opening of its New Facility in Saltillo-Ramos, Arizpe, Mexico

Grand plant opening in Arizpe, Mexico with Frédéric Sanchez

Fives opens its latest addition in Mexico, a brand-new plant for its Smart Automation Solutions Division in Saltillo-Ramos, Arizpe, investing several million dollars in launching this fully equipped technology and digitalization hub.

At the heart of the ground-breaking development is Fives Cinetic Corp.’s region-wide expansion with a location that enhances its capabilities, strengthens its market presence, and enables its continued growth in Mexico.      

Moreover, the addition allows Fives to support its customers’ operations with smart, automated solutions designed and integrated in-house.  

The premier facility is scalable and future-focused with advanced automation technologies and services, spanning over 60,000 square feet, doubling in size compared to the business’s former location, and is a dedicated space for integrating smart automation solutions.   

The new operation has enabled a significant increase of Fives support and technical staff, +30% since the 4th quarter of 2022 and +85% by the end of this calendar year.    

Its diverse team comprises various professional disciplines, including administrative, operations, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and controls engineering, to name a few.     

We have great aspirations for this new facility, not only for what we can offer our customers today but also what we will introduce to our customers and industry in the future, which is one of many milestones to come.  We look forward to this journey and opportunities to demonstrate the value we can provide for the markets we serve and the communities where we are present.

Marco Andriano

Strategic plans for the site include implementing capabilities for our integrated solutions, cleaning technologies, and conveyance systems to support our growing market in the region and Mexico.