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CITCO PCD & PcBN milling cuttters and tools increase productivity & ROI through multi-step process tooling solutions. Whether your process is a manual or CNC, we offer a custom-engineered milling solution for your most complex applications. 

CITCO PCD & PcBN milling tools come in a variety of styles from milling heads and face mills to end and ball nose mills. No block of metal is too tough for a CITCO tool to machine into a quality part. 

CITCO customized milling solutions

Tough materials and complex requirements need highly engineered, innovative solutions.

We have been designing and engineering milling heads and cutters for more than 40 years. We know that every application is unique. As such, we are dedicated to delivering customized, highly engineered tool solutions that achieve the best performance in each individual application.

Whether you need an endmill, facemill, shell mill, or any other type of head or cutter, we can create the tool you want in the geometry you need. You can also choose the size of your tool, from 2 mm to 200 mm. And if you're not sure what you need, our expert engineers are here to help.

Superior milling performance

Our CITCO milling heads and tools use the finest cutting materials to achieve the best possible results.

High productivity shouldn’t mean a compromise on quality. Our tough PcBN and PCD inserts are engineered to deliver consistent high quality and repeatability with exceptionally high cutting speeds. The body of the tool can be made from lightweight aluminum or super-tough steel, depending on your requirements. Coatings are also an option in certain applications.

If you’re looking to replace an existing milling tool, ask about our unique repair services. Our expert engineers can replace, resharpen or regrind any milling tool. Whether it is a Fives tool insert that has worn out, or a tool from another manufacturer, we can work with you to restore - or even improve - your tool’s functionality and performance.

The Fives' differerence: 
 Custom tool designs
— High productivity and reliability
— Extended tool life
— Maintain precision tolerances & increase productivity
— Support from a team of expert engineers



We understand that extended tool life and consistency are key, that's why we offer a wide range of PCD & PcBN tools that are custom-engineered to meet your manufacturing needs. We also provide additional support for all of our customers, including qualified application support and training.

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