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Gardner Single & double-disc solutions

Gardner single- and double-disc abrasives and superabrasives achieve high-precision tolerances, while increasing productivity & ROI.  Each abrasive wheel is custom-engineered for the customers' unique application. 

Aluminum | Ceramics | Exotic alloys | Ferrous Alloys | Powdered metal | Stainless steel | Titanium 

Gardner Nut Inserted Disc Abrasive Grinding Wheels

When it comes to difficult to grind materials, Gardner disc grinding solutions achieve maximum stock removal rates. With our ability to custom-engineer each abrasive wheel for each application, we can reduce dress time and improve productivity.

Results: Gardner abrasives extend wheel life for improved energy efficiency and performance.

Sizes: 12 inches - 72 inches / 305 mm - 1,830 mm
Grains: Aluminum Oxide | Silicon Carbide | Ceramic
Bonds: Resin | Epoxy | Magnesite/oxychloride | Shellac


Gardner single & double disc superabrasive grinding wheels

Gardner superabrasive disc wheels excel at maintaining precision tolerances for improved quality.  Our custom-engineered solutions maximize size uniformity, flatness and surface finish for each application.

Available sizes:
4 inches - 53.5 inches / 100 mm - 1,360 mm
Crystals: cBN | Diamond 
Bonds: Resin | Polyimide/hybrid | Vitrified | Metal

Cylinder & Segment Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Custom-engineered for a variety of markets and applications ranging from large to small workpieces. Even in applications requiring heavy stock removal, Gardner cylinder abrasives hold precision tolerances. 

Results: Gardner cylinder wheels provide precision flatness while achieving high stock removal.

Abrasive Grains: Aluminum | Silicon Carbide | Ceramic
Resin | Epoxy | Vitrified


We understand that extended wheel life and consistency are key, that's why we offer a wide range of abrasive grinding wheels that can be custom-engineered to meet your manufacturing needs. We also provide additional support for all of our customers, including qualified application support and training.

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