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Fives presents its four values to highlight its contribution to show that industry can do it!

Virtuous, cutting-edge, mutually responsible, exciting: this is how Fives sees its contribution to the industry.

Last December, Fives launched a campaign to showcase its brand signature "Industry can do it". This commitment to making the industry the answer to all challenges is part of its sense of purpose, "Faire aimer l’industrie”.

Today, Fives presents the four values on which the Group relies to deliver on this optimistic commitment:

A virtuous industry, built on ethics and respect, diversity, frugality.

A cutting-edge industry, built on confidence in the future, the ability to reinvent ourselves, visionary projects. 

A mutually responsible industrybuilt on a dialogue with our clients on the ends and means, a partnership-based approach with all our stakeholders, the determination to overcome challenges. 

An exciting industry, built on boldness, a variety of talent, a drive to make a difference in the world. 

Every day, these values guide the actions of Fives' 8,400 employees, to contribute to "Faire aimer l’industrie".