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Fives achieves another success in China!

Titanium Machining Center

One of the major subsidiaries of AVIC, the state-owned China group aviation manufacturing corporation, has recently awarded Fives Machining with a new contract for the design and supply of a Titanium machining cell. This historic customer already owns more than 40 sets of different models of Forest-Liné, Liné Machine, Dufieux and Cincinnati machines.

The FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) here purchased is a combination of Dufieux and Forest-Liné technologies (Dufieux for the milling head and Forest-Liné for the structure and palletization). It includes a horizontal spindle machine, 2 pallets, 1 shuttle and a loading station. The machine, based on the design of a Forest-Liné Powermill Ti, will be oversized to reach the customer requirements: an X stroke of 10,5m and a pallet weighing up to 15t. Once being built, it will become the world's largest horizontal machining solution ever used for Titanium alloy processing.

The solution will also reach unprecedented levels in terms of digitalization, and its extensive application of proven new technologies will achieve the best balance of performance and reliability.
Fives Machining’s pieces of equipment are renowned for their rigidity and machining efficiency in the field of titanium alloy machining. They are suitable for the milling of large-sized and super-sized components of aviation titanium alloys, which has brought a revolutionary improvement to the overall processing efficiency of titanium alloy die forgings. 

The contract became effective from early June 2022 after been authorized with the valid export license by French government. The shipment of the equipment to China is estimated for the second half of 2023 and the reassembly will be carried out primarily by our local Chinese team. And when entering into actual production, the machine will become the key equipment to our customer for almost all major commercial airplanes’ part manufacturing and subcontract.

The customer has finally chosen Fives Machining among many excellent suppliers for our experience in major and key projects, and their trust in Fives’ technologies and business. This is another major affirmation of Fives Group's business in China. During the epidemic in the time being, the export was quickly approved and became a benchmark project for Sino-French cooperation, which is of milestone significance. It has laid a solid foundation for us to reach new heights in products and services.

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