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The performance your aeronautics and defense applications need

When performance matters, choose our advanced laser systems for your aeronautics and defense applications. High quality, versatile solutions customized to meet your requirements for enhanced performance and quality management

With safety on the line, weld strength, weight and reliability are crucial in aeronautics and defense manufacturing applications. To succeed, you need high precision engineering solutions with repeatable results. That’s where we can help. Our laser solutions deliver the highest possible quality weld results, every time. In fact, all our welding and cutting solutions are expertly engineered to deliver the quality you need. With high repeatability, homogeneity and accuracy.

Our eco-friendly laser welding solutions are suitable for a wide range of parts made from prevalent manufacturing materials, steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. With a small thermally affected zone, there is always minimized part deformation and the highest quality results. Laser welding can take place with or without filler wire.

Laser process monitoring for improved quality management

  • Real time  seam tracking
  • In process welding depth monitoring
  • Non-Destructive Testing of welding seam