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HyCO & Helium

Reliable solutions for HyCO and helium purification

Fives’ brazed aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers (BAHX) are a critical component in the helium liquefaction, purification, separation, refrigeration, and recovery processes.

Along with our high-quality Cryomec® VSMP and Cryomec® DELTA N pumps, they are an effective and reliable choice for plants specializing in the production of both helium and HyCO (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). 

High-performance components for HyCO plants

Also known as syngas (synthesis gas), HyCO is made up of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or both. These gases are used in a wide variety of industries. Hydrogen is used in the electronics, foods, glass and refining industries, while carbon monoxide is used to produce chemicals. A mix of both serves in the production of alcohols and aldehydes.

HyCO production plants can use Fives’ BAHX and Cryomec® cryogenic pumps to integrate a large number of gas streams into a single cryogenic unit—a perfect for solution for this mix of gases. Available in various dimensions to help optimize performance, our high-quality products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in France, China and Switzerland.

Our Cryomec® cryogenic pumps are currently being used in various projects worldwide, including HyCO plants in the USA, South Korea, China and Thailand.

Efficient and effective helium purification

Helium is prized for its many qualities, such as heat transfer and creating a protective atmosphere.

It has a variety of applications, including in the nuclear, aerospace, and medical industries. One of the safest and most efficient methods for purifying helium is cryo-trapping. This process uses a BAHX installed among the release valves of vessels under vacuum. Using a low-temperature and high-pressure process, the BAHX condenses all vapors except the required helium.

Helium is made by natural gas producers as a way to add value to their field. The pure and liquefied product can be distributed to industrial companies and research centers.

Optimizing efficiency through value-added services

Fives has more than 60 years’ experience and expertise in the design, production, installation and maintenance of BAHX and cryogenic pumps.

Our technical experts know how to optimize equipment use and extend its lifespan through servicing, regular maintenance, and timely repairs and replacements.

Cryogenic equipment, despite its reliability, is subject to wear and tear.

This can occur through fouling, plugging and leaks. Our teams offer fast and safe repairs, helping end users across the globe minimize costs and equipment downtime.