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The new Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ is available

Fives introduces its new continuous centrifugal for the Sugar Industry, the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™.



On October 17th Fives FCB launched its new continuous centrifugal, the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™. During three live webinars, manufacturers and industrial partners discovered the features and innovations of this flagship equipment of the sugar process. The Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ is positioned in the market as the most advanced technology.

A strong response to market expectations: maximum autonomy, capacity, flexibility and quality

Since the 2000s, the sugar industry has focused its investments on solutions guaranteeing higher levels of productivity to answer the global consumption increase. At the same time in response to societal and environmental challenges, sugar producers are looking for technologies that offer them:

  • Better safety and higher quality of the finished product
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • And greater flexibility to adapt to changing operational constraints.

The Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ meets these expectations, while complying with today's most stringent food quality and safety standards.

A technology that perfectly meets new operational challenges

Resulting from over 70 years' of expertise and an ambitious Research & Development program, the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ guarantees the best process and energy performances on the market:

  • Its design offers excellent energy performance thanks to the rapid evacuation of mother liquor from the lower part of the basket;
  • The modular basket allows the processing of different duties of massecuites for greater flexibility.

It also integrates the latest innovations in terms of Industry 4.0, including:

  • Fully automated operation, including start-up, shut-down and cleaning-in-place sequences;
  • Remote assistance thanks to continuous monitoring of numerous process and mechanical parameters.

"Backed by Fives FCB's experience and successful development, the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ continuous centrifugal is a modern, high-performance machine designed for the factories of the future: flexible and connected." Laurent LOUCHAERT, Product Manager, Fives FCB

A first reference is already in operation since 2022 in the Ivory Coast, it has given full satisfaction to the customer with performance exceeding their expectations.


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