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Calcined Clay for Sustainable Concrete (CCSC) congress


Reducing CO₂ emissions from industrial processes is recognized as a key challenge to reach carbon neutrality in line with the EU's Green Deal objectives, to be achieved by 2050. Within the cement industry, the most efficient solution to lower CO2 emissions lies in reducing the clinker content in cement. It appears that calcined clay is in many cases an accessible eco-friendly substitute.

As a provider of industrial solutions that address global climate issues, we will attend the CCSC conference in Lausanne (Switzerland) to feature our innovative technologies in terms of energy efficiency, maximum use of alternative fuels and clinker substitution. In particular, Jean-Michel CHARMET, Pyroprocess Product Manager, will present our complete solution for clay activation, the FCB Flash Calciner, which provides the greatest flexibility in terms of raw material quality, color control and use of alternative fuels.

A link to our presentation will be available afterwards.