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Professional Equality Index

In May 2018, a government action plan was presented to improve the promotion of equal pay for women and men.


The French law for the freedom to choose one's professional future promulgated on September 5, 2018, acknowledges this commitment. In this context, an index has been established, allowing companies to assess themselves using indicators giving a score out of 100.

As of March 1, 2021, the scores obtained for the calendar year 2020 by the 18 companies of the Fives Group in France with 50 or more employees were as follows:


Fives Cail90/100
Fives CelesNA
Fives Cinetic84/100
Fives Conveying85/100
Fives Cryo87/100
Fives ECL87/100
Fives FCB79/100
Fives Filling & Sealing83/100
Fives Intralogistics80/100
Fives MachiningNA
Fives Maintenance76/100
Fives Nordon69/100
Fives Pillard83/100
Fives Solios77/100
Fives Stein83/100
Fives Syleps79/100


All Fives Group companies confirm their commitment to the promotion of professional equality and are continuing their actions to further improve their performance in this area.

These gender equality scores are recalculated and published each year, before March 1, for the preceding calendar year.