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Platinum Sustainability Certificate Award

Fives has been awarded a Platinum Sustainability Certificate by SGD Pharma during a European Suppliers Day held on June 18, 2024, near Paris, France.

Suppliers Day at SGD Pharma

SGD Pharma specializes in manufacturing primary glass packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Fives, a long-standing partner of SGD Pharma, received a Platinum Sustainability Certificate for its strong contribution to a sustainable business.

Fives delivered two furnaces to the SGD Pharma plant in Saint Quentin la Motte, France:

This year, SGD Pharma gathered around 100 professionals from the glass industry including company stakeholders, key suppliers, and non-governmental organizations to promote sustainable practices and strengthen partnerships towards a greener future.

18 suppliers were awarded a Sustainability Certificate in recognition of their commitment to sustainable business practices and their strong dedication to a better future. The company emphasized in its statement that sustainability is necessary and one of the most important criteria for SGD Pharma’s supplier selection.

Fives’ technologies are well suited to enable glassmakers to reduce energy consumption and lower CO2 production.