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Nexter achieves unprecedented industrial and technological capacities thanks to the know-how of Fives Machining


On August 25, 2021, Nexter inaugurated its new high-speed machining cell in Roanne (France), in the presence of Sylvain Rousseau, Director of Operations, and around one hundred people, including representatives from Fives Machining, the President of the High Precision Machines Division, Raphaël Constantin, and the Deputy General Director of Fives Group, Denis Mercier.

The machining cell, which includes four Forest-Liné V-Star machines, two of which have already been installed, is used to trim and drill the thick aluminium plates required to manufacture the sides of the armoured vehicles in the SCORPION program (GRIFFON, JAGUAR, SERVAL).

It uses a high-speed machining technique (HSM) combined with advanced automation and digitalization of all operations (Industry 4.0).

The capacity of this new high-speed machining cell will eventually enable the production of the parts required for 450 vehicles per year starting in 2025 to meet the Army's need to renew its vehicles and machines.

The €20 million investment for this cell represents nearly a third of the budget for the NextFab modernization project at the Nexter Roanne site.

"The commissioning of this high-speed machining cell is a major step towards increasing the capacity of the Roanne site. Thus, Nexter is developing in line with our ambition to triple vehicle production by 2025. With the know-how provided by Fives Machining, Nexter is reaching unprecedented capacities on the industrial and technological levels."

Sylvain Rousseau, Nexter's Director of Operations

About the NextFab modernization project

NextFab's objective is to triple its annual vehicle production capacity by 2025. The Roanne site is therefore to be extended by 12,000 sqm and 70% of the existing surface area is to be redesigned. The project will provide new capacity for production, testing facilities, logistical support, customer support activities and staff training.

The Roanne site plays a central role in the renewal of the French Army's capabilities under the SCORPION program. This ambitious and innovative program involves replacing the armored vehicles of the middle segment with new equipment such as the SERVAL and GRIFFON multi-role armored vehicles, and the JAGUAR armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle. This program also includes, for the heavy segment, the modernization of the LECLERC tanks. All this equipment will benefit from the same equipment standard in order to make them interoperable and ensure their networking.