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New order for modernization of a grinding unit for Vicat


On December 21, 2022, Fives FCB and Vicat SA signed a contract for the supply of a classification facility for the Xeuilley cement plant in France. With this order, Vicat Group renews its confidence in Fives Group, following the attribution in December 2021 of a contract for the execution of a complete clinker production line in Senegal.

As part of the modernization of its grinding plant, Vicat was looking to increase production capacity and improve the quality of the cements produced while reducing the energy consumption of its installation. The new plant will implement Fives technologies that meet Vicat's performance requirements, to reduce and improve energy consumption.

The project involves the integration of a new FCB TSV™ 3600 THF classifier and a TGT® filter with a filtration area of 2840m², a 550kW circulation fan and associated equipment to link with the existing circuit. The control and electrical equipment is also part of the order, except for the PLC program, which will be done by Vicat teams for standardization purposes. The FCB TSV™ THF classifier will reduce the workshop's electricity consumption, and its quality of separation will ensure an optimal particle size for the finished product, guaranteeing good hydraulic properties.

The erection work will be done in two stages in order to minimize the shutdown time of the grinding mill. The first stage will involve the dismantling of some redundant equipment and the installation of new equipment, with a minimum of disturbance to the mill's production. Then a stage of connection of the new materials will be done during a production stoppage.