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HRA hybrid tank vs conventional furnaces

Fives will be showcasing its Heat Recovery Area (HRA) superstructure that enables steep temperature gradientsat GlassTrend Events « Sustainable Glass Manufacturing » on April 16-18, 2024, in Hannover, Germany.

GlassTrend conference tackles critical industry challenges with a spotlight on decarbonization. The agenda emphasizes sustainable technologies, smart sensors, and process control to optimize CO2 footprint and energy efficiency.

This gathering serves as a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to explore innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions and enhancing sustainability. Throughout the event, participants will discuss renewable energy sources and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to drive meaningful change.

Alternative hybrid melting

Fives' HRA superstructure enables steep temperature gradients that seamlessly integrate with hybrid melting for enhanced energy efficiency and mechanical integrity compared to conventional furnaces.

Switching to a hybrid tank significantly reduces combustion while increasing electrical input. Achieving up to an 80% reduction in combustive input above the glass requires a specialized design for a steep temperature gradient in the superstructure. Careful management of the glass convection pattern is essential for maintaining the required glass quality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see our industry expert, Hubert de La Forest Divonne, Product Manager at Fives Stein in France, speak about HRA technology with his presentation on « Hybrid melting, issues and solutions when switching from a conventional furnace », on April 16, 2024 at 13:45 PM local time.