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Highly advanced line to galvanize heavy-gauge steel

Ternium, a manufacturer of flat and long steel products with production centers in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and the United States, has selected Fives to design and supply the most advanced galvanizing line for its plant in Pesquería, Mexico.

Galvanized coils produced by Fives' strip processing lines

This new line, with a production capacity of up to 600,000 metric tonnes, will be capable of galvanizing wide sheets up to 4.5mm thick and 1,854 mm wide from cold- or hot-rolled base coils for construction and non-exposed automotive applications. The first coil is planned by the end of 2025.

Fives will provide its proprietary equipment with the most advanced technologies for this galvanizing line:

  • Fully automated entry & exit coil handling sections
  • Pre-cleaning and cleaning systems
  • Horizontal annealing furnace with high efficiency and low NOx burners
  • Hot dip galvanizing and cooling equipment
  • Digital solution based on predictive modeling for furnace operation
  • Post treatment
  • Skin-pass mill and tension leveler
  • Automatic strip inspection and visual inspection capability
  • Comprehensive line automation

“This highly advanced line is based on our metallurgical expertise and industrial experience acquired building and commissioning strip processing lines across the world and confirms our successful track record for the supply of galvanizing lines to the North American market in recent years, from heavy gauge construction grade to exposed and high strength steel grades for the automotive market,” says Guillaume Mehlman, President of Steel & Glass Division at Fives.