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Fives provides a decarbonation solution for a French cement plant

Fives continues to contribute to the decarbonation of the cement industry with its state-of-the-art combustion solutions.

A major French cement plant has purchased a 8.5 MW Pillard ROTAFLAM® burner with the ambition to reduce its CO2 emissions.

The burner, which will be delivered in mid-2022 and commissioned during the second half of the year, will operate for a clay calcination kiln.

In cement plants, the production of clinker releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. One of the most promising methods for reducing these CO2 emissions is to replace part of the clinker with other components in order to make cement.

With the Pillard ROTAFLAM®, the customer will be able to use calcined clay, also known as metakaolin, to produce LC3 cement which has a lower clinker content.

Indeed, LC3 type cements have a CO2 footprint 35 to 40% lower than Portland cements, which mostly comprise of clinker.

In addition to the Pillard ROTAFLAM®, Fives’ solutions for cement plants decarbonation also include the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution burner and Pillard PFZ, device which substitute fossil fuels for Alternative Solid Fuels (ASF).