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Fives launches pioneering IIoT product: North American CertiFire®

Automatic combustion system tuning for forge and heat treat furnace temperature uniformity surveys


Cleveland, Ohio  Fives has released its flagship Industry 4.0 product for the forging and heat treatment markets. The North American CertiFire® is a first-of-its-kind IIoT device for automatic combustion system tuning. The auxiliary hardware device is designed to tune a furnace combustion system quicker and to tighter tolerances, streamlining temperature uniformity surveying and certification. Preconfigured for each unique system, the technology is plug-and-play compatible with most industrial control equipment. To resolve temperature disparity regardless of furnace geometry, combustion technology, or survey requirements—implement the North American CertiFire®.  

Designed to supply four key benefits to customers: 

  • Tuning speeds: Average 70% reduction in tuning time 
  • Tuning accuracy: Tolerances beyond ±5°F for Class I furnaces 
  • Product quality: Consistently produce reliable parts 
  • Real-time data & analytics: Accessible anytime, anywhere 

Using its patent pending algorithms, the tuning accuracy of the North American CertiFire® surpasses manual tuning, with the ability to tune a Class IV (±20°F) furnace beyond the temperature uniformity of Class I (±5°F). 

“We expected automation to help us tune faster than by hand,” said Justin Dzik, Manager of Business Development at Fives North American Combustion, “but after testing we were able to see just how big of an impact this technology will have on the industry.” 

Through advanced data processing and real-time analytics, the CertiFire® gives insight into degradation, expected maintenance, predicted failures and a smarter recertification window. Enter Industry 4.0 with the North American CertiFire® to resolve your furnace temperature disparities.