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Fives Giustina’s extra-large surface grinding machines for large bearings continue to support the wind power market in Asia

Fives Giustina secured a large order from China for 8 XL-VSD (Vertical Surface Disc) grinding machines. The customer purchased a range of machine sizes to grind bearings for the wind power market, confirming Giustina’s surface grinding technology remains the top choice.


The size range of machines include:
4 x XL-VSD1000
2 x XL-VSD1600
1 x XL-VSD2500
1 x XL-VSD4000

The Giustina XL-VSD line was selected due to our ability to offer of a full range of machine sizes to fit a variety of production needs. Our in-process gauging system provides better part size stability and increased production rates, which is showcased by our many references currently installed in the field and was also a key factor for the customer in choosing Fives Giustina machines.

These Giustina XL-VSD machines, which are optimized to grind bearings up to 4m in diameter, will enter into operation in the Asia market.

The Grinding | Ultra Precision teams look forward to continuing our partnerships and growth with our customers in the future.

Contact our team to schedule a dedicated one-on-one webinar featuring our range of available surface machines.