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Fives gets its connected and automatic dewatering solution for hydrocarbon storage tanks "ATEX" certified

Fives, international leader in industrial engineering, designs analyzers and instruments to optimize processes, secure operations and reduce its customers’ environmental footprint. Its solution, the Pillard TK DRAIN™, specifically designed for refineries and petrochemical sites, just received the ATEX certification, thus offering more safety and performance for the dewatering of hydrocarbon storage tanks.

The only automatic solution on the market


Hydrocarbon storage tanks sometimes have water infiltration, caused by rain or condensation, for example. This presents two issues: it limits storage capacity and creates corrosion inside storage tanks; which can trigger significant financial loss for industrial sites.

 A pioneer of decarbonization and digitalization of industry, Fives designed a unique solution on the market, the Pillard TK DRAIN™. This technology automatically stops the dewatering process as soon as it detects hydrocarbon particles, preventing any health, environmental and financial issues. Remotely operated, the Pillard TK DRAIN™ can also be connected to sustainable energy sources, reducing a little more the environmental footprint of industrial sites.

An ATEX certified solution already in use by refineries


 Always one innovation ahead thanks to its ability to anticipate customer needs, Fives just got its Pillard TK DRAIN™ ATEX (Europe) and IECEx worldwide) certified. These certifications guarantee the compliance with the strictest safety norms, including high risk explosion sites such as refineries or petrochemical plants.

Another proof of its capacity to meet refineries’ needs, Fives’ innovation has been tested for months in a French refinery that ended up buying it, convinced by its performance and benefits for its installation.

"For 200 years, Fives Group has been designing breakthrough solutions and technologies that make the industry. Our solution, the Pillard TK DRAIN™, is a major game changer for refiners, that, in addition to bringing more safety and reducing their carbon footprint, will prevent financial losses that can sometimes be significant. " explains Fabien Illy, Executive Director at Fives Pillard.

At Fives, innovation is our vocation.