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Fives delivers six efficient Falling Film Evaporators for Western European sugar plants

The Cail & Fletcher Falling Film Evaporator is recognized as a key process equipment for improving energy efficiency in beet sugar factories and sugar refineries.

Delivery of Cail & Fletcher six falling film evaporators for western european sugar plants


Thanks to its high heat transfer coefficient and its low delta T, the Cail & Fletcher Falling Film Evaporator makes possible the increase of the number of effects in the evaporation station, and consequently reduces the amount of steam needed to concentrate the thin juice into thick juice. Less steam required therefore means less fossil fuel used in the boiler. This efficient heat exchanger can also be coupled with steam recompression systems or heat pumps using low carbon electricity. The Cail & Fletcher Falling Film Evaporator is a simple, robust, easy-to-operate, trouble-free and highly efficient technology.

In 2023, Fives FCB has been awarded orders for six (6) falling film evaporators for Western European beet sugar factories. These units, which will be commissioned in September 2024, are currently in final delivery stage according to the schedule:

  • In January, one 4 700 m² falling film evaporator (dia. 3500 mm) was delivered;
  • In February, two 7 400 m² falling film evaporators (dia. 4000 mm) left the workshops;
  • In March, three 4 600 m² falling film evaporators (diam. 3200) mm left the workshops.

Its excellent performance in terms of process, design quality and on-time delivery are key to its return on investment.