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Discover, analyse and move forward

The Expertise & Induction Test Centre has always been a sacred place to discover induction heating as a new technique, receive an expert technical advisory or analyse the viability of the project. 

Qualified technicians of the centre, located at Fives Celes in Lautenbach, north-eastern France, are able to examine feasibility of different ideas, as well as to test new processes, parts or applications, providing necessary information to move forward. The platform where induction process tests are carried out has been recently refurbished to provide optimal conditions for clients and prospects on a regular basis.  

Reliable testing services

The Expertise & Induction Test Centre is equipped as follows:

  • Power sources from 2 to 600 kW and with a frequency between 1 kHz and 2 MHz
  • Acquisition centre unit
  • Monochromatic pyrometer
  • Infra-red camera for measure under 350 °C
  • Infra-red camera for measure till 2000 °C
  • Vickers hardness measuring equipment

In addition, the Expertise & Induction Test Centre has a unique capacity to offer precise material characterization measurements with a tool specifically developed to validate steelmaking process.

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