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DHL Express’ Service Center in Bergen is now fully operational

DHL is the global leader in logistics industry. Specialized in international shipping, courier services and transportation, DHL connects people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Within the strengthening of its network, in 2019 DHL decided to automate the existing Service Center in Bergen (Norway) to increase system performance and efficiency.

DHL Express Norway selected Fives for this purpose due to “the technical capability and ability to meet our schedule requirement at comparatively moderate capital investment”, says Vinod Saseendran, Infrastructure Engineer EU, DHL Express.

The new bidirectional system handles both inbound and outbound operations. It is equipped with one 6-sides EASY-Capture and 5 swiveler wheel diverters. Our wheel diverter technology is used for two main functions: sorting and alignment of parcels and tote bins at a capacity of up 3,000 items per hour.

Nevertheless, what counts the most, is how Fives managed the project: in a period of three and a half months since the beginning of activities on site, the system is fully operational with the complete satisfaction of DHL.

Mr. Vinod adds: “The order was placed on Fives just before the start of Corona pandemic which hit Italy and everyone in the world very hard. It was clear that this would impact the project delivery schedule as most of the equipment was being manufactured or assembled in Italy.

From the beginning, Fives has regularly informed us on the components delivery status, so we have been able to update the project planning accordingly and any impacts could be anticipated in advance.

Even with the quarantine restrictions issued by Norwegian government, Fives’ team has been flexible during the installation and the commissioning phases, so that the project has been completed in agreed time.

After the system Go-Live, Fives’ technicians kept on supporting us remotely and on site to help DHL with the production assistance and to solve the last issues.

We definitively had a good experience with Fives on this project.”