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Austrian Post inaugurates a new facility in Vomp equipped with Fives’ technologies


Today, Austrian Post opened the doors of its logistics center in Vomp, Tyrol, to celebrate its investment in strengthening its distribution network in Austria. Customers, partners, suppliers and the press were invited to the ceremony to share this great achievement.

It is a pleasure for me and my colleagues to be here in Vomp to celebrate the official opening of this system that we have seen take shape from scratch. I would especially like to thank our German-speaking team who played a key role in the overall project execution”, says Chiara FUMAGALLI, Sales Manager (DACH region) at Fives Intralogistics SpA.


Fives was awarded the contract in 2020 and managed the system installation the following year.

The turnkey sorting solution is based on the GENI-Belt cross-belt sorter, high-speed induction lines and different types of chutes to process packages and parcels with the same equipment.  Thanks to Fives’ expertise and ability to meet customer challenges, 10,000 parcels per hour will be sorted to local and international destinations with the highest efficiency.

A non-conveyable carousel facilitates the handling of the oversized items, easing the operators’ workload.

In addition to its availability and precision, the advantages of the GENI-Belt sorter are particularly noticeable in operational handling. The sorting system can process virtually all products. The use of trays has been drastically reduced, and with it, the operational effort. Even thin and light shipments are easily detected and conveyed to the right destination. The GENI-Belt system has been in operation since October 2021. Since then, the sorter has been running stable with an excellent throughput in our first peak-season”, stated Manuel SALZL, Project Manager at Austrian Post.

The project was under enormous time pressure from the very beginning. Fives’ team managed to implement the sorting-system in record time. The mechanical installation and commissioning were completed in less than 6 months. The system performed flawlessly from the first day of production. The cooperation has been a great pleasure”, added Mr. SALZL.


In just over two years we have collaborated with Austrian Post to automate three logistics centers through the installation of new material handling systems and the modernization of existing ones. These contracts prove the importance of this area and Fives’ growing presence in the DACH region.” stated Mrs.  FUMAGALLI.


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