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Maximize your production capacity

Technologies and services to boost output, quality and efficiency

The cement industry is energy intensive, and innovative technologies have emerged in recent years to reduce grinding processes’ electrical demands. Meanwhile, cement manufacturers are seeking solutions to boost production capacity and quality. Fives’ proprietary equipment and installations meet all of these needs, maximizing both production output and efficiency for new and existing installations.

Reduce power and increase production Either on greenfield or Brownfield projects

The FCB Horomill® is renowned for reducing energy consumption in raw meal, cement or slag grinding applications. It also boosts production capacity, by offering an increased cement/clinker ratio relying on the ability to process a wide spectrum of materials:

  • Coarse to very fine product
  • Dry to highly moist material
  • Soft to very abrasive compounds

Our modular grinding system, FCB FLAG™ station, equipped with FCB Horomill® technology, features pre-assembled and pre-wired modules for a fast unit set-up. This allows for an even competitive, simple and rapid solution to boost production capacity of existing plants.

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Calcined clay as a sustainable additive to boost global capacity

To increase cement production capacity of a plant, clinker substitution represents a cost effective as well as a sustainable solution.

Replacing clinker with calcined clay is one of the best solution to meet both production and environmental targets.

Fives' FCB Flash Calciner is a comprehensive solution that allows for:

  • The highest flexibility in terms of clay sources and type of fuels including AFR
  • The best end product quality in terms of reactivity and color
  • Low operational costs

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Comprehensive upgrades of existing installations

Existing plants can benefit from newly developed technologies to either improve their efficiency or adapt to new markets. Fives proposes a range of next-generation equipment and technologies for upgrading projects in grinding plants and/or pyroprocessing plants.

Depending on your installation, our experts can perform various types of revamping aimed at increasing production, reducing emissions or energy consumption, or adapting to new market profiles.

Grinding plants

Our experts can perform open to closed circuit conversions or upgrade classifier circuits to increase mill capacity, reduce milling plant power consumption, and extend the product range to very fine products. Upgrades are tailor-made and adapted to each particular configuration.

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Burning lines

From simple de-bottlenecking to complete plant upgrades, Fives designs tailor-made projects to increase production capacity while adapting to new market and operation constraints.

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Success story

Past projects include upgrading Saudi White Cement Co and Riyadh Cement CO's existing cement line to increase production. Our solution included installing an FCB mixed reactor precalciner, high efficiency cyclones, a new bypass system and clinker cooler gas treatment.

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