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Boost your product quality

Take your cement production to the next level

To remain competitive in today's cement and minerals industries, manufacturers must consistently make quality products that offer notably high resistance and durability.

Fives develops innovative technologies for producers of clinker, cement, ultrafine additives and aggregates. Our installations help our clients reach their specific targets for production, operating expenses and environmental footprint.


Ensure burning line stability for top-quality, homogenous clinker production

Homogenous clinker is critical for producing high-quality cement. Clinker can either be used on site at the cement plant, or sold on the international market, where chemical and grain size characteristics must be consistent and meet codified standards for the end-user.

Fives' preheaters and precalciners are designed to meet this need. For example, the FCB Zero-NOx Preca is equipped with a Pillard PrecaFlam™ multi-channel burner to ignite any fuel type and maintain process stability. This, in turn, ensures that the kiln inlet is fed at a steady rate and a constant decarbonization level.

The FCB Opti-Kiln™, a smart system for online comprehensive burning line optimization, provides additional process stability, and therefore consistent clinker quality.

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FCB Horomill®: optimum CEMENT quality and fineness, with any type of additive

Fives' FCB Horomill® is a breakthrough bed compression cement grinding mill. The unique material centrifugation on its rotating shell and adjustable advance plate allows the steady and optimized top-quality cements production even when recipes include very fine materials (dusty clinker, slag, pozzolana...)

In addition, the FCB Horomill® does not require water injection, enabling producers to avoid cement pre-hydration. This capability means producers can obtain higher durability and strength with the same formula and production process, and without modifying the fineness of their cement.

The FCB Horomill® can be used for applications involving:

  • Raw meal grinding
  • Portland cement
  • Blended cement
  • Steel slag
  • Granulated blast furnace slag
  • Minerals, and more...         

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New Fives' FCB TSV™ UHF: enter the world of ultrafine fillers

Cement producers can enhance cement performance by adding ultrafine filler to the ground clinker. "Ultrafine" particles have a d50 < 3 microns. Other minerals industries can also benefit from using ultrafine filler. For instance, ultrafine grinding and classifying of limestone can allow producers to replace more expensive and polluting fillers by limestone.

The Fives' FCB TSV™ Classifier helps clients reach their target for fineness. It comes in two versions especially suited to producing ultrafine fillers: the FCB TSV™ THF (very high fineness) and the new UHF (ultra-fine fineness) models.

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Fives FCB Rhodax® 4D: maximize aggregates quality

Sub-layer durability and asphalt adhesion are highly important for aggregates applications in road and rail line development, particularly at critical sectors like bends in roads or pedestrian crossings.

Our FCB Rhodax® 4D is a vibrating cone crusher that produces high-quality cubic aggregates, rather than flat aggregates. This shape provides enhanced durability and adhesion.

In addition, clients need to control mortar costs while also obtaining the maximum resistance from their aggregates. Concrete using the FCB Rhodax® aggregates provides similar resistance with 10% less mortar.

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