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Expert financing for cement & minerals plants

Fives’ dedicated financing department offers specialized resources and expertise. Our comprehensive solutions adapt to the specificities of each project, whether for established companies or industry newcomers.

Fives acts as a true partner to its clients. Our expertise covers every aspect of an industrial project: from financial planning and business development to technical engineering and project delivery. Our specialty is developing financing packages with long maturities. We can do this by building on our strong relationships and track records with major banks, credit insurers and other financial institutions.


Expert solutions for industry newcomers

As part of its financing offer, Fives partners with new cement & minerals industry players, or companies looking to set up operations in a new market. Through our global reach and connections with major credit and financial institutions, we mobilize customized financing solutions. We accompany our clients throughout the upstream end of projects and ensure they obtain the most cost-effective financing packages to suit their objectives.

Our financing services include:

  • Assessment and coordination of financial records and applications to find the most beneficial financing agreements

  • Filing applications with financial institutions (export credit agencies - ECAs, commercial banks, development banks, etc.)

  • Mobilizing financing solutions available from French, European, international authorities to support projects in a given country

  • Sourcing customized financing packages according to our clients’ goals, including longer-term financing at the lowest cost.

Develop your business further with Fives’ financing packages

Fives supports its clients‘ business development further by negotiating advantageous financial terms for their projects. We source appropriate financing solutions according to our clients’ goals.

The majority of our latest innovations are qualified under the Best Available Technologies (BAT) concept. These are recognized by major institutions as the best technologies in terms of sustainability, performance and efficiency. Our innovations help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and can be leveraged to obtain design-appropriate financing solutions with the most advantageous terms.