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Our solutions to your needs

Build a new plant

Building a new plant is a complex project that requires cross-disciplinary expertise. Fives' teams combine specialized skills in plant and equipment design, project management and service organization. Our engineers act as a true partner to our client through every stage of a project, enabling them to remain focused on their core business.

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Minimize CO2 emissions

Accounting for 7-8 % of total global CO2 emissions today, the cement industry worldwide is using ever more sophisticated production methods to address environmental challenges. Fives has developed a range of solutions to lower cement production emissions by increasing the use of alternative fuels, improving energy efficiency and improving the cement-to-clinker ratio.

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Boost your product quality

To remain competitive in today's cement and minerals industries, manufacturers must consistently make quality products that offer notably high resistance and durability. Fives develops innovative technologies for producers of clinker, cement, ultrafine additives and aggregates. Our installations help our clients reach their specific targets for production, operating expenses and environmental footprint.

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Maximize your production capacity

The cement industry is energy intensive, and innovative technologies have emerged in recent years to reduce grinding processes' electrical demands. Meanwhile, cement manufacturers are seeking solutions to boost production capacity and quality. Fives' proprietary equipment and installations meet all of these needs, maximizing both production output and efficicency for new and existing installations.

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Maximize alternative fuels

A major challenge for today's cement industry is reducing the emissions and energy consumption of burning lines while producing high-quality clinker. At Fives, we help our clients to maximize their use of alternative fuels, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, deep process expertise and great experience in burning equipment.

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