FIAT Guangzhou Workshop-FIVES

What do we buy?

As one of the largest Industrial Engineering Groups, Fives buys many products and services. Some of the main categories include:

  • Automation and electrical services such as hardware and software design, programming, MCCs, panel build, electrical installation, commissioning and labor on site
  • Automation and electrical components such as CNC servos, drives, motors, PLC, HMI, low voltage industrial components, cabling, instrumentation and sensors
  • Civil engineering and civil works
  • Mechanical subcontracting including large and small size machining, welding, heavy plate fab, sheet and structural steel fab, tooling, castings, forgings, machine building and mechanical installation
  • Mechanical components and devices such as bearings, power transmission, gears, gear motors & reducers, handling devices, work holding, machine protection and fasteners
  • Special machines and equipment for various industrial sectors including conveyors, transfer & handling equipment, feed systems, filtration, fans, blowers, burners, heat exchangers and custom mechanical devices
  • Gas, hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication equipment & components including hydraulic power units, pumps, actuators, valves, regulators, pipes and fittings
  • Special processes such as , paint , plating, anodizing and heat treatment
  • Contracting on customers sites for all our equipment and solutions. Those services include camp ground (catering and accommodation), heaving lifting, assembly and technical assistance


What do we expect from our suppliers?

  1. Deliver outstanding performance in terms of cost, quality, delivery and service
  2. Have a robust quality system in place, with strong understanding of Lean Management
  3. Be financially healthy
  4. Act with integrity, constantly striving to uphold the highest standards of ethical business practice
  5. Support Fives in improving its cost structure, through innovation, value engineering & cost reduction initiatives
  6. Share our commitment to health, safety and environmentally friendly business practices
  7. Desire a long term, mutually beneficial business relationship, enabling both the supplier and Fives to grow



How to get in contact with us?

At Fives, we continuously look for new and diverse supplier partners, who have the capability and capacity to support our strong growth and ambitious R&D roadmap.

Do you wish to become a Fives supplier? Please contact us through the dedicated contact form.