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Who says a cost-effective bearing can only be mass produced?

If you want to get some keys ideas to that strategic question, come and discover state of art solutions that will best fit your needs on 18-23-26 October 2018 in Turino, Italy.


The increased customization of products and fluctuation of volumes is requiring high flexibility in manufacturing, sometimes difficult to obtain when grinding is concerned. How to make manufacturing lines more flexible and reduce the cost of setup is a daily commitment for us.

During the dates available, Fives will show off solutions and offer you the unique opportunity to discuss with specialists at its Italian facility (Turin).


8am - 9am


9am - 11am

Plant Tour
See machines for the entire process of bearing grinding
Talk with specialists from our partners about their latest developments

11am - 1pm

Keynote Presentations
Flexibility in grinding bearings: Newest innovation in Process, Machine, Layout

1pm - 2pm


2pm - 4pm

Q&A session

4pm - 6pm

One-to-One meetings