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The Fives Aluminium Technical Institute: Making training more mobile and hands-on

Fives Aluminium Technical Institute is an advanced training center that has redefined the concept of technical education by combining mobility, practicality, and customized learning experiences.


Housed in two fully-equipped containers, this innovative institute brings expertise directly to the customers' doorstep, offering hands-on training designed to match their specific machines and requirements. Its OEM certification ensures that the training provided meets industry standards and best practices, and is recognized by equipment manufacturers.

By replicating real-life scenarios, the Fives Aluminium Technical Institute allows technicians to gain practical experience with the specific machinery they work with. In addition, the versatile nature of the training containers means that universities can use the facility for a wide range of practical training programs. By offering students hands-on experience on industry-grade equipment, this institute helps bridge the gap between academia and industry.

In this way, Fives Aluminium Technical Institute is setting a new standard for accessible and practical technical training, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.