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Successful MMS TechDays at Fives Machining - Dufieux Echirolles (France)


On Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st, June, Fives Machining organized TechDays entirely dedicated to our patented Dufieux® MMS (Mirror Milling System) machining technology; a solution that replaces chemical machining using acid bath and that meets growing environmental requirements

The MMS technology is a proven alternative to the chemical milling process. This 15-year-old patented system is designed specifically for the high-speed production of aluminum fuselage panels. Milling, drilling and routing of double-sided 3D aluminum panels is completed in a single setup within one machining cycle. Which means for customers, time savings and a better quality and repeatability.


Major players in the aerospace market were invited to visit Fives Machining’ plant in Echirolles. Live demonstrations were performed on our two MMS machines installed in our Aerospace workshop for the production of fuselage panels, while our experts were focusing on new features and functions available through workshops about:

- Quality control:

  • In-process thickness measurement
  • Post-process part geometry control with 3DVIT solution.

- Digitalization and data management:

  • 4.0 tools developed by Fives CortX



The R&D roadmap was also presented  to introduce future developments to come soon.


Finally, a time slot was planned to let our customers who own and operate an MMS machine, share their experience with other participants.

Strongly focused on customer satisfaction, Fives listens to its clients to know more about their expectations and to pursue its R&D efforts accordingly.

Thank you to all attendees for their confidence and for being MMS supporters. We are looking forward to expanding our MMS community!