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Sohar Aluminium Fume Treatment Center revamp project

Despite the current pandemic, the Fives’ teams were able to adapt and change their work habits to keep up with the contract deliverables for the revamp of Sohar Aluminium's Fume Treatment Centre (FTC) in Oman.


In December 2019, Sohar Aluminium appointed Fives to increase the capacity of its Fume Treatment Centre as part of its Amperage creeping project. After several months of studies and remote follow-up, the Fives’ experts prepared and remotely planned all the interventions required during the shutdown in early November. Over a very short period of 48 hours, and with the mobilisation of 6 teams and a total of 50 people, the work that consisted of the ties-in between the existing installation and the networks of the new installation was completed.

As part of a modernisation project in an existing installation, it is usually a requirement for Fives’ specialists to conduct measurements directly on site. However, given the fact that it was not possible to travel currently, Sohar Aluminium was strongly solicited to carry out the necessary on-site surveys for Fives, including measurements, photos, production parameters, etc. Pre-contractual audits with manufacturing and assembly subcontractors could not be conducted so potential subcontractors were selected remotely by again involving Sohar Aluminium. The follow-up on the manufacturing process was assigned to an inspection company in Oman who on a weekly basis shared their follow-up results with the teams in France for analysis and requests for rectification. Sohar Aluminium was very helpful by carrying out a few one-off inspections at the subcontractor's premises to check priorities in relation to the parts required during the shutdown. Lastly, the planning sequence for equipment assembly were modified to consider Sohar Aluminium’s request.

All through the project execution, the Fives’ teams have been particularly inventive to ensure that the project could continue, while working in very close collaboration with the customer.

Finally, at the beginning of October, work preparation for the shutdown began remotely, including a detailed list of the work to be carried out, the precise hour-by-hour schedule, the list of contributors, the list of equipment, and the analysis of safety risks. The aim was to ensure everything was ready in advance and send the Fives' works manager on to the site with the client's assistance in the form of visas and local regulatory requirements imposed during the current pandemic situation.

The activity was executed perfectly thanks to the excellent preparations beforehand and strong collaboration and support from the client.