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Remote Assistance to maintain a presence with our Customers

In a context where travelling remains complicated, the Fives’ teams are committed to continuing to assist clients remotely thanks to the new digital tools available and existing Fives’ advanced process control solutions.

  • In Russia, a Fives expert logged on via a web interface in order to be able to remotely monitor the start-up, process parameters tuning and trouble shooting of an Anode Baking Furnace including Firing & Control System (FCS) and Fume Treatment Centre (FTC). After some adjustments, he could follow live the evolution of the parameters on the operator's screen on site, allowing him to supervise the production. At the same time, an automation engineer delegated by the Fives office in Russia was present on site to assist the customer.
  • In Norway, a Fives expert provided the client with remote process and mechanical assistance in order to optimize the operation of the Green Anode Plant, for which Fives has just supplied both the anode paste preparation and fine grinding lines. The objective of the intervention was primarily to settle some punch lists and to finalize the performance guarantee tests of the installation.
  • In China, a technician from Fives offices in Shanghai went to site to supervise the filter repair work at a Green Anode Plant. The operation was prepared and supervised remotely by a Fives expert in France. 


These assignments demonstrate the commitment of the Fives’ teams on a daily basis, who adapt and modify their way of working to support their customers by using the new remote assistance solutions and thus ensuring optimum aluminium production everywhere.