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Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution + burner helps increase production for two Asian cement plants

Launched in 2020, the state-of-the-art Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution is a continued success with over 100 units sold. This rotary kiln burner has been a favorite for cement plants and continues to prove its innovative features providing increased performance, lower emissions and improved clinker quality.

Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution

For an East-Asian cement plant, Fives supplied a 163 MW Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution + (bi-channel version), for their 10,000 TPD rotary kiln. After commissioning, the capacity of the kiln was increased by 10% to reach 11,000 TPD with a specific heat consumption of 607 Kcal/kg.CL.

The success of this operation spread in the area and reached a neighboring plant that wanted to replicate this operation.

Fives supplied a complete scope to this additional customer which included the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution + burner with the trolley, a Pillard TELESCOPIPE™, a DO pump station and valve skids.

This second operation was successful as well since the heat consumption was decreased by 15% while the kiln production increased by 11% (from 10,000 TPD to 13,000 TPD).

These two new successes show the unparalleled capacities of the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution +, including its versatility. This innovative burner is strong of Fives' 100 years of expertise in combustion and with its many innovations, is the preferred solution for cement players to increase the production in their kilns, while reducing their specific consumption.