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Optimized clay production with Fives’ comprehensive Pillard combustion solutions

Fives recently commissioned a 15 MW Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution burner installed in an expanded clay rotary kiln of a lightweight aggregate plant, in the United States. The combustion equipment will improve the overall efficiency and performance of the rotary kiln while reducing carbon emissions. Two Pillard analysers and instruments were also supplied to provide more safety to the customer regarding the operation of its installation.

This picture was taken during the warm-up process.

A major American manufacturer of expanded clay*, needed to replace their old rotary kiln burner by a new one, with a better thermal efficiency, to reduce the specific heat consumption, save energy, reduce their fuel operating costs and their CO2 footprint.

They chose the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution burner as it answered their technical requirements: 100% natural gas operation, simple and reliable axial air and adjustable gas cross section design bringing a lower excess air operation thus a better specific heat consumption.

Fives supplied a complete scope including burner and gas valve train, ignitor and flame detectors as well as a pre-manufactured trolley.

Thanks to a local partner, Fives could propose a turnkey project which was selected by the customer as the most effective way of implementing their combustion system upgrade.

The Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution has been operating for four months and the customer is fully satisfied by its reliability and its increased safety thanks to the Pillard Packscan® flame detector and the Pillard Packlight® ignitor, delivered with the burner.

The commissioning of the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution burner, enabling full capacity of kiln production, was achieved over a 11-day period, thanks to Fives’ commissioning team which worked in day shift / night shift rotation to cover the 24/24 operation.

* expanded clay is used in various applications like construction, waste water treatment, agriculture, landscapes, etc.