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Open house to present the industry of tomorrow

Industry Week, a French initiative to strengthen the attractiveness of the industrial sector and raise awareness of industry professions to younger generations, has been welcomed into our company in Alsace.


Since 2011, this major national event has been promoting the sector and its players by offering educational and job discovery events: this year more than 4,000 company visits, forums, web conferences and exhibitions were organized throughout France.

Fives Celes, a subsidiary of the Fives Group specializing in induction heating and based in Alsace, opened its doors to young students to present its industrial site and promote "Industry can do it", the Group's fundamental purpose.

First-year Mechanical Engineering students from ENSISA in Mulhouse, the National Engineering School of South Alsace, and second-year Electrical Engineering students from the Théodore Deck college, a multipurpose high school in Guebwiller, were invited to discover the industrial professions in the manufacturing workshop, the test platform and the centre for expertise and induction testing.

"We are keen to get on board with new talent by making ourselves more visible and attractive to the public. This event allowed us to promote the industry and our induction expertise to young people, who will be the engineers and test managers of tomorrow. In the past we have successfully recruited trainees and apprentices from these schools", says Linda Amari, Human Resources Manager at Fives Celes.

The staff members shared their passion and professional advice with the students, and are ready to welcome tomorrow's talents in a modern, innovative and eco-responsible industry.