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New handling systems for MLK Deliveries to improve efficiency of last-mile delivery

MLK Deliveries is a Poste Italiane group company, born from the joint venture between Poste Italiane and Milkman. Its mission is to provide last-mile delivery: scheduled delivery, same day delivery and grocery delivery.


Final customers can choose when to receive their shipment, re-schedule the date of delivery, change location and check in real time the estimated time of arrival.

On demand and customized deliveries are challenging: they become economically viable only if you have available cutting-edge technologies and specific skillsIn order to provide an efficient and qualitative service, we need innovative software and advanced operating models”, says Francesco Montuolo, CEO of MLK Deliveries.

Fives is contributing to the success of MLK Deliveries through the realization of two automated material handling systems on the national territory.

The first delivery system was installed in 2020 in Rome; the second one, located in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), has just been completed. Last February, Fives obtained MLK Deliveries’ final acceptance for the system, with full customer satisfaction.

«The new handling solution becomes part of the strategic tools to increase our presence on the territory. Thanks to the recent commissioning in Peschiera Borromeo, MLK is now able to reduce the sorting time window, improving the efficiency of last-mile delivery”, says Tommaso Baù, COO, MLK Deliveries. “We thank Fives for the commitment and the support during the overall project execution”.

The facility is equipped with our identification system EASY-Capture, two high-capacity automatic labellers, one swiveler wheel diverter for pre-sorting and over 100 meters of roller and belt conveyors.

The software, jointly developed with the customer, governs the whole system: it enables identification and labelling of each item, recognising the dedicated outlet for the shipping.

MLK, in its new distribution center, will handle 3,600 items per hour, bringing the level of their service a step forward.