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New contract signed with Rohrdorfer Zement for the supply of a new clay calcination unit in Germany

On April 29th, 2024, Rohrdorfer Zement and Fives FCB signed a contract for the supply of a 50 tpd clay calcination unit to be implemented on EPC basis at Rohrdorf plant in Bavaria, Germany.

This clay calcination unit will be integrated within the clinker production line. Rohrdorfer Zement will test various clay sources and qualities with the ultimate goal of reducing CO2 emissions, targeting net zero emissions in 2038.

Reducing the proportion of clinker in cement - notably by using fired clay - can cut CO2 emissions in the cement production process by 40%, making clinker substitution one of the most important levers for decarbonizing cement.

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A unique design providing the full activation of clays

The solution developed by Fives FCB is a flash calcination process. Its unique design with 5 independent process stages offers multiple advantages, and enables full activation of a wide range of clays by controlling particle size distribution, temperature and residence time of the material in the circuit.

The absence of material contact with the flame ensures homogeneous calcination and therefore excellent product quality.

In addition, the FCB patented color control process, which reduces iron oxides in a separate decolorization step after calcination, efficiently produces the "traditional" grey color required by cement manufacturers without generating pollutants.

The pilot plant will feature Fives’ proprietary technologies in pyroprocess, such as:

After a detailed technical review of the various existing technologies available on the market, we have decided that the flash calciner with an integrated clay calcination unit from Fives FCB was the best solution in terms of reliability, efficiency, and color control. We are confident that the offered clay calcination unit will be essential to move forward on our pathway to Net Zero.” 
- Dr. Helmut Leibinger, Managing Director of Net Zero Emission Labs GmbH

Efficient project management

To better support Rohrdorfer Zement in the execution of this project with respect to quality, deadlines and performances, Fives FCB will provide its experience and know-how as a supplier of high-performance installations on EPC basis worldwide.

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