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Matt Shockey appointed President of Grinding | Ultra Precision

In this role, Matt will support organizations in their collaboration and the creation of synergies that bring value to teams, customers and stakeholders. Management teams will strive to build strong partnerships within the High Precision Machines Division and Grinding | Ultra Precision, as well as throughout the value chain and work processes. Goals and growth drivers will be aligned with collaboration, engagement, visibility, team development and innovation.

Matt will remain Executive Director of Fives Landis Corp, which also includes responsibility for Fives Grinding Mexico the and Cutting Tools | Abrasives group.

Matt holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. He joined Fives Landis Corp. in 1996 after several summers as an engineering intern. Matt has years of experience at Grinding | Ultra Precision, both at Fives Landis Corp. in Hagerstown, USA, than at Fives Landis Ltd. in the UK, where he held various General Management positions, as well as in Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Aftersales.