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Liné Machines Gicamill R for Manufacturing Rail Frogs On Its Way to Russia

After successful deliveries in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Romania, the United Kingdom, the United States and Turkey, Fives is delivering a rail milling machine in Russia.

In 2019, Russian manufacturer Murom Switch Works (MSZ) ordered a Liné Machines Gicamill R – in a Twin-Spindle configuration – to machine manganese steel frogs dedicated to the high-speed line connecting Moscow to Kazan.

Designed specifically for machining track work such as frogs, crossings and switch points, the machine has a unique extremely rigid 4-axis motion milling head with an available tilting torque of 20,000 Nm on A-axis.

For the acceptance of the machine, Fives’ application engineers, in collaboration with the ISCAR Tools Inc., a cutting tool manufacturer, and MSZ, have machining some customer’s parts and demonstrated that the chosen solutions allow to drastically reduce the machining time, even exceeding the customer's expectations.

With these good results, the teams wish to go further and are now targeting to reach 350+ mm/min machining feed in an overstock up to 7 mm for most operations.