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GENI-Ant, the Fives’ AMR-based smart parcel sorter was further improved to increase flexibility and efficiency

In 2019, Fives launched the GENI-AntTMthe only AMR in the market that can be loaded automatically with parcel of all types and sizes.

Just one year after, the demand for home deliveries has grown tremendously due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the volume of non-compatible and irregularly-sized parcels has become a real challenge to deal with.

To help CEP operators find an efficient solution, Fives’ teams improved the GENI-AntTM parcel sorter by integrating specific innovations for the automated sortation of difficult-to-handle items.

Beside the flat belt conveyor, Fives included a new belt model specially designed for unstable, fragile items and products with uneven surfaces: this innovative belt features edges and gauges that prevent objects from moving or rolling, offering total control on the item during transportation and sortation.

Different available heights have been added: the robot can be from 800 mm up to 1.3 m high to allow discharging into containers and chutes or onto horizontal conveyor belts, depending on the application.

While AGVs are guided by cables, magnetic strips or sensors, GENI-AntTM uses Simultaneous Mapping and Localization (SLAM) and AMRs move around completely autonomously. The system software manages their navigation, defines speed acceleration or deceleration and calculates the most efficient travel path, according to the position of the vehicle, the nearest loading area and the assigned destination.

The outstanding feature of our versatile smart sorter is that GENI-AntTM never stops, because the robots are recharged automatically with no need of a dedicated battery charging station.

The system is built to be deployed quickly, thanks to standardized AMRs, proven software and seamless integration. The initial investment can be adapted according to the current layout and performance requirements and then increased at a later stage, also on a RaaS (Robot as a Service) basis.

Watch the video to learn about all innovations: